• Headin’ down south

Headin’ down south

This weekend is Appalachian Trail Days, and few of the Gregory crew, including founder Wayne Gregory and George McCloskey of  'Ask George' fame, will be on hand representing Gregory. And having a good time, of course.

If you're not in the know on Trail Days, it's an annual hiking/backpacking festival in Damascus, VA, which is roughly the mid-point on a thru-hike in of  the Appalachian Trail. Basically, thru-hikers past and present, as well as a variety of outdoor and backpacking fans in general, gather for a weekend celebration of all thing AT, backpacking and outdoors. Pretty much everybody gets into the spirit.

It kicks off this Friday, May 15, and runs through Sunday.

Gregory has gone each year for many years, and helps hikers and backpackers on the scene repair and fit packs. And, it's just nice to be a part of a celebration that's so much a part of what we're all about. Wayne Gregory, George and prototype/sample sewer Nick Kelso will be hauling down an industrial sewing machine to make any trailside repairs, swap out waist belts and harness on packs (you know, if you, say, lose 20 pounds on the trail), fix broken buckles and zippers, etc. Yeah, we build the most durable packs around, but months on the trail will take its toll on anything.

Along with being a meeting place for people thru-hiking the AT each year, Trail Days is also a reunion of sorts for people who’ve hiked the route in the past, and there’s also tons of events. For a complete listing, check out Trail Days online.