• It’s spring and spring means … skiing (some places anyway)

It’s spring and spring means … skiing (some places anyway)

For a lot us, spring is on the horizon and on the mind. But for folks in more mountainous parts of the northern hemispheres - Rockies, Alps, Sierras, etc. - it's still the tail end of ski season, and this time of year can often bring some stellar days on the planks. There's nothing quite like skiing corn snow in the morning and putting on shorts and flip-flips in the afternoon. Really. The Utah-based FeedTheHabit crew are among those still thinking skiing. Though they're also already thinking trail running and biking too, as you'll see if you hit their blog, which is sort of a collection of all things adventure-sports oriented, from gear reviews to musings on their Wasatch surroundings. After a season of use, Kendall Card of FTH (seen here about to get the goods) posted a review of the Targhee ski pack recently, giving it some nice props for how well it carries and a few of its unique features, like its ski-carry system. These boys seem to work in a lot of skiing despite professional careers, putting up FTH posts, and family life, so they definitely know their gear. Now we'll just have to get their brains to move on from winter, which, well ... if you live in the Wasatch, skiing in May is probably A-OK.