• Where’s the camo?
  • Where’s the camo?
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Where’s the camo?

OK, it's a valid point. With the exception of special-run packs over the years that our founder has built for the military (and we really can't tell you any more about that than that), none of Gregory's packs are available in camouflage.

However, despite camo being a key feature in a lot of packs that sell in the hunting and fishing market, that didn't stop the venerable Field and Stream (winner of this year's National Magazine Award for general excellence in its circulation category, by the way) from giving props to the way Gregory packs carry, and to one of its newer and more versatile day packs, the Z35, on its blog. It also didn't stop them from giving us a hard time for not building packs in camo patterns.

And yeah, we hear ya. Cool thing, though, is that Deputy Editor Jay Cassell points out that versatile features on the Z35 would allow it to work great for hunting (save for the lack of camo). And we like to hear that feedback; the R+D team works hard to envision all the different uses our customers might use their Gregory pack for - hiking to hunting, snowboarding to climbing. So it's nice to hear that feedback one of the authorities on hunting, the same month that the Z35 was called out by Backpacker Magazine (and, incidentally, another National Magazine Award winner, in this case for their forward-thinking web site and feature writing) as one of the best-carrying days packs that's big enough to also work for a light overnight trip. We do know that Wayne knows where to find camo fabrics ...