• Second installment of Gregory tech glossary: Response AFS Suspension

Second installment of Gregory tech glossary: Response AFS Suspension

Response AFS (Auto Fit Suspension)- AFS system was built to mirror your moves in order to carry mid-weight loads comfortably on a three-day to week-long trip. This system was designed for both the Baltoro70, Deva70, Triconi60, and the Deva60. Features of the AFS system: •    Waistbelt Auto Adjust-The waistbelt on the AFS automatically adjusts to comfortably carry mid-weight load. When you put the pack on, the waist belt automatically adjusts to your hip angle, removing a step (figuring out what your hip angle is) on the Response CFS packs. This helps to keep your center of gravity aligned with you intended direction of movement and maximizes the load transfer area every time the pack is put on. Again, whether you lock the waist belt in place or not is an issue related to how much weight you'll be carry. The right tool for the right job, as the saying goes. •    Auto-Cant shoulder harness- This works just like it does on the Response CFS packs. •    Aluminum stays- The frame sheet on the AFS is supported by a single 1" aluminum stay that integrates with the upper thermo-molded composite load lifting panel to prevent barreling and provide optimum transfer. This suspension will effectively transfer up to 50 lbs.